Les nostres olives

High quality oil

Since time immemorial, El Perelló has been an oil producer, which is proved by our centenary olive trees that abound in our lands. From the Cooperative we continue the legacy of several years of production of our “liquid gold”.


We take care of the transformation process before commercializing the oil. The olive’s selection, the cleaning of the fruits, the pressing and the bottling of the final product.
Cooperative’s doors remain opened all through the harvesting season so as to allow both its members and not members to bring their olives to the mill.

The extra virgin olive oil Cabra Feixet P.D.O.

Extra virgin olive oil Cabra Feixet, with a Protected Designation of Origin, a coupage of the olive varieties Regués and Salivenca, characterised by their high aromatic intensity and their excellent taste.


Thanks to our member’s work we are able to offer a wide range of oils. We get to the heart of its specificities such us the type of olive, its sourness and its harvesting season.
Our agroshop has all the classified brands with different capacities.
garrafes d'oli a l'agrobotiga coperello

Our types of olive oil


A very fresh oil with many nuances that remind us of the colours that these olives adopt during their ripening process, with sour, citric and marine tones. It is and oil with some character.


It is an oil exclusively made of the olive variety Salivenca. It is an autochthonous and very appreciated variety from this region, sweet and smooth, warm and persistent. A widely treasured oil in our surroundings.


An oil made with accurately selected olives, with a personal taste, with some character and consistency, but light in the same time, which is the result of a respectful work both with nature and tradition.


It is a smooth and fruity oil, but also kind and delicate, an oil that concentrates the essence and harmony of all of its elements. The arbequina oil is enjoyable for any palate.

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