The almonds

Harvest of almonds.

The source of nutrients of our Mediterranean diet.


The harvesting season starts in the summer. The sun-drenched almonds can be directly consumed, but they can also be used as ingredients in several recipes, as well as to produce almond milk, which is rich in nutrients.
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Types of local almond


It requires very specific weather conditions and concrete caring techniques. It tends to be big and round, and it stands out for its sweetness. It is currently very precious.


It is the most typical variety from our region. It is noted by its elongated and sharp shape and by its smooth skin. These features make this variety easy to toast.


Its most representative feature is its thin shell. It is also sweet and can be well combined as an ingredient for desserts and sweets.


As well as Molla variety, the Caixeta variety stands out for its sweetness and for its thin shell. But in contrast with this variety, Caixeta is bigger and rounder.

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